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10 Things Parents Should Teach Their Children


Jun 9, 2020

As a parent, everyone wants their children to grow up to be talented and ethical people. This depends a lot on the parents’ education. If parents’ education is not effective and positive, it will adversely affect children’s psychology. Here we will introduce 10 good things that you should teach your child, please refer to it!

Be independent

Just as a mother teaches her young birds to fly and to feed themselves, parents need to teach their children independence. When children grow up and step into life, independence will help children easily face the difficulties and storms of life. Besides, independence brings the confidence and success of each child. Teaching your children how to be independent is the message you’re sending: “You are valuable, helpful, and capable.”

Teaching children to do housework is also a way to help them become independent

Know “sorry” and “thank you”.

n order for your child to become a polite person and know how to treat people around him, you should teach him to say “sorry” and “thank you”. This is a basic and important communication skill of each person.

Parents are always courteous and polite to everyone because parents are a good example for their children to follow. Teach your children to say “thank you, sorry” words sincerely, in the right place, at the right time. Do not think, growing up will automatically know, because this is greatly influenced by the way your child teaches when he or she.


Teaching children to love is that you have brought your children a meaningful gift of life. Parents should teach your child that even if we don’t like someone, we should not hate and speak ill of them, because only love can bring warmth to everyone, be nice to them. After all, we also want people to be good to us.

Talk often to your children, tell them about good examples, and unfortunate pieces of life for them to understand, empathize, and love people.

The importance of gratitude

Grateful to others is one of our good qualities. Teaching children to be grateful from an early age will help them develop and develop a holistic personality. When seeing someone helping and working well with them, parents should teach their children how to recognize and appreciate them. Because gratitude is the key to your success in life.

Money and how to use it properly

Parents often think that they should not teach their children to spend money too early because it will adversely affect the development of children later. However, explaining to children the value of money and how to use money properly will help them develop, live more responsibly. Children will become successful people if they are taught by their parents how to handle money properly.

Never give up your passion

Passion is the fuel of life. Pursuing passion will make human life more meaningful. Because losing passion, you will lose hope. So parents should teach their children about that.

Parents should explore children’s interests and strengths to help them spark their passions. Encourage, encourage children to express and never give up their passion.

Explain about changes in the body

At puberty, your baby will start to have major changes in the body. These sudden changes make the baby very confused and worried. At this time, parents should let their children know that the change in their bodies is natural, that is, they are growing day by day and about to mature.

In addition to hormonal changes, babies also have emotional changes. Parents can look for books that can tell about a child’s physical and emotional changes when he or she enters the age of teaching such as “Girl’s Handbook” and “Boy’s Handbook” according to your child’s gender.

Sex and reproductive issues

Sex is a difficult topic to talk with children but this is an important thing to say, especially girls. You do not need to teach children all kinds of problems, just a small talk can help children better understand the functions of the body parts. Although parents do not teach children about these things, the children also learn by themselves, so let us take the initiative to teach children rather than the children learn on-line knowledge that we do not control.

Depending on age, parents should have appropriate ways to teach their children about gender. Methods of teaching children at the right time, at the right age with the right words will help children absorb better and effectively.

The dangers of drugs

It sounds far-fetched, but parents should know, teaching children to stay away from drugs is extremely important. Let me know, if I get into drugs there is no way out, so I will never be allowed to try a drug even once. Showing children tragedy in drug use as drugs affecting health and life, drug use is dangerous and illegal.

Armed with this useful knowledge will help children stay alert and avoid temptations from bad friends.

Life is not easy

As children grow, mature, and come to life, they will surely face many difficulties and great challenges. Parents should teach children that life is tolerant but never easy with many traps and temptations around. Therefore, you need to be very persistent to overcome the difficulties of life. The important thing you need to know is that life goes on, ups and downs, and preparation to deal with all these situations.

Parents cannot always be there to protect and cover their children. Equipping the necessary knowledge and skills is what parents should do to help their children overcome life’s challenges and difficulties. Hopefully, the suggestions that we will provide help parents to teach their children more properly and effectively.