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7 Changes That Will Make a Big Difference to Your Summer


Jul 25, 2014
7 Changes That Will Make a Big Difference to Your Summer

Summer vacation is rapidly coming to a close for many families.  The rush is on to get on track and ready for back to school.  Grabbing all the things you need to start a successful school year and be ready for that first day of school can suck the fun and joy out of the few weeks left.  Here are 7 changes that will make a BIG difference to your summer.

1.  Choose ONE day to do errands:  Don’t try to do stuff every single day.  Summer vacation is still in full swing, so remember to keep the pace slower if you can.

2.  Make dinner easy:  Picnics on the carpet can be the best dinner of summer.  Give you kids an opportunity to plan the dinner and help prepare.  Soon enough, you will be cooking huge dinners again when fall hits, for now, keep to the simple dinners.  You will be amazed at the conversations that happen at a carpet picnic.

3.  Get outside:  The weather can turn on a dime in my city, so I make sure I get outside as much as I can with the kids.  Sure, it’s easy to let them watch TV, or play video games all day.  I can get a ton of writing and coaching done, but in the end, when the cold snow blows in, I am wishing it was warm so we could be outside.  Take advantage of the weather while you have it.

4.  Be a tourist in your own town:  Google your city and go see something that you haven’t done in years!  There are a ton of free activities and things in every single city.  Splash parks, nature walks, bike paths.  There is so much to do in most cities that don’t cost a dime!  Be a tourist in your own town!

5.  Movie nights:  When it’s hot at night, kids get squirrely!  Get everyone into the coolest room in the house and have a movie night!  Pop some popcorn and put on your favorite family movie night.  We have been engaged in a Harry Potter movie marathon this month.  One night a week, we put on a Harry Potter movie and snuggle down on the couch!

6.  Start getting back onto an easy schedule:  Slowly begin moving bedtimes back by 20 minutes if you are more lax on bedtimes during the summer.  I let my kids stay up later in the summer.  We are a family of night owls, so we tend to be up later all summer long, which in turn means sleeping later in the morning.  I have started moving bedtimes back by 15 minutes every few days to get closer to a school night schedule.  I am also getting kids up earlier by 5 or 10 minutes each week as well.  This is a much easier transition than suddenly yanking bedtime back by an hour or so a couple nights before school begins.

7.  Make sure you make a record of your summer:  If you have a kid that loves platforms like Instagram, give them the responsibility of making sure pictures are taken of the things you do the last few weeks of summer vacation.  We get busy and make plans, then forget to pack a camera or we are busy doing things and don’t take the photos on our phones and we miss out on having a photo of a really great moment.  Get your kids involved in recording your summer fun!

We love summer, the schedule is easier and so is the day to day activity level.   Easily implementable, these 7 changes that will make a big difference to your summer will ensure the last few fleeting moments of summer are just as fun as the beginning of summer.

What is your favorite summer activity?  What summer activities do you carry over into fall?


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