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How to Bottle Feed a Baby Step by Step


Mar 26, 2020
How to Bottle Feed a Baby Step by Step1

Actually, bottle feeding for your baby is considered as the easiest task but you must follow some tips and tricks that are really useful to you. You are recommended to learn how to feed a baby with bottle which might make feeding time more comfortable and easier for you and your kid. Suppose your baby is newborn then your kid stomach is very small and required frequent feedings along with small amounts of the milk. Once your baby might start eat solid foods then you must feed 600ml of milk.How to Bottle Feed a Baby Step by Step

Bottle feeding – How to prepare a bottle?

Suppose your baby is having drinking formula then make sure that you pick opt option for them. There are different kinds of the formulas available and some of the formula categorized based on the age. You are advisable to check out the expiration date on formula. At the same time, sterilize the baby bottles and nipples. You can also wash all parts of the baby bottle along with warm soapy water and use the sterilizer for killing any gems. Figure out the comfortable position for feeding your baby. You must feed your baby until they are full. There are tons of benefits associated with the bottle feeding which includes

  • Helps to bond and feed with your baby
  • Easier to keep your baby on the regular feeding schedule
  • Hassle free for parents with the busy schedule
  • No need to alter your diet

Choosing the bottle for breastfeeding babies are necessary one and it is not considered as easiest task. Different kinds of the bottle nipples are available which ranges from flexible, firm, narrow base, wide base, slow flow, fast flow and so on. Specific flow nipple could be designed to specific abilities as opposed to the certain ages. Suppose your baby is difficulty in swallowing, sucking, and breathing then you can choose the slow flow nipple because it offers more control for feeding.How to Bottle Feed a Baby Step by Step1

Essential tips to bottle feed in right way

If you are a beginner to choose the best breastfeeding bottle for baby, then you must get help from online reviews that could be really helpful to you. If you wish to learn bottle feed in right way then you are advisable to follow the below tips like

Start feeding on the cue: Be sure that you must be aware of the baby hunger cue and you might feed your baby on cue rather than on the schedule.

Stimulate rooting reflex: Using tip of nipple, stroke your baby nose and lips from top to bottom. You are advisable to wait for baby for opening his or her mouth wide and try to draw nipple into his mouth.

Hold your baby upright: if your baby drinks lying down from the bottle then it might develop ear infections and tooth decay. Suppose you place breastfeed baby in cradle position then they might expect to breastfed and refuse the bottle.

Pace the feeding: You are advisable to mimic breastfeeding by encourage your baby for pausing specific series of the sucks.

Step feeding on cue: Suppose your baby hints at the being full like releasing bottle nipple, falling asleep and relaxed fingers then try to stop the feeding. You must not wake baby to complete the bottle.

Beginner guide to choose best bottle for breastfeeding baby

Now a day, baby bottle comes with different kinds of the brands, material and so on. You must concern about specific things while choosing the best bottle for breastfeeding babies which includes

  • Glass vs plastic
  • Concern about bottle nipples
  • Size of the nipple

Traditionally, bottles are designed with glass which can work well because it is completely chemical free and last for longer time. But it has danger of breakage as well as more expensive. At the same time, you might get the silicon covers to bottle which helps to avoid damage. You are recommended to take your own time to find out the perfect bottle for your baby. If possible, you might buy bottle with the broader necks because it is completely easier to clean. Latex nipple might resemble mother’s breast and it is more flexible and softer. On the other hand, silicon nipple might last for long time as well as easier to maintain.

Everything to know about bottle for breastfeeding baby

If you are a breastfeeding mom then you might wish to incorporate bottles for wide varieties of reasons. Incorporating bottle into the baby feeding routine is healthy when you do it properly. Timing is the main key when it comes to introduce bottle to the breastfeed baby. At the same time, you must choose the bottle for breastfeeding babies or else you might struggle a lot. Be sure that you are using breastfeeding friendly and slow flow nipple. Try to place the bottle at your kid mouth and make use of your finger to touch your kid cheek. It might stimulate rooting reflex. Remember one thing; your kid might accept the bottle when they are hungry as well as not fully awake. Actually, screaming baby is tough to feed whether from bottle or breast.

Majority of the nipple could be either dome or bell shaped. Actually, natural shaped nipples are having broader base. Likewise, orthodontic nipple is the finest choice for teething baby which is flat on side. Vented nipples are having flat on side which might rest on baby tongue. This kind of the nipple is especially designed to avoid gas and colic. You are advisable to take some time to read reviews on buying bottle for your baby. Before you plan to buy the bottle, you must read the manufacturer directions to know about formula which you choose. Try to invest in the high quality of material so it can last for long time. During the bottle feeding, you must cradle your kid in the semi upright position and support your kid head. Try to follow some tips and techniques when you buy breastfeeding bottle for your baby.