• Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

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What Causes Flatheads in Babies

Flat head  syndrome, also known as flattened, distorted, flat head , especially in newborns. It is a phenomenon where the baby’s head is partially or flattened behind the head. This syndrome occurs in the first 4 months of a baby’s life. It will gradually improve by 6 months of age, by that time head control and flexibility will be there.

Usually, the flat head  syndrome will go away on its own, causing no problems for the baby’s development. However, parents should know what a flat head syndrome is. There are simple ways to prevent their children from getting a flat head. We can easily overcome this by using   the best baby pillow for flat head . There are a lot more choices for parents to get the best baby pillow for their babies to get rid of a flat head syndrome. Let us get a clear picture of the causes of flat head  in newborn babies.

What causes flat head syndrome?

The primary cause of this syndrome is the tightness of the baby’s neck muscles. It makes it difficult to turn their head. As it’s difficult to turn their head, babies hold their heads in a position when lying down. This leads to a flat head. Besides, some babies like to sleep or lie facing in one direction. When the head constantly gets tilted to one side or supine, this pressure creates a plane above the skull.

Babies born prematurely are more likely to have flat head syndrome. It is because their skulls are softer than those born full term. Premature babies have to stay still more in the intensive care room for newborn babies. As they were underweight with less immunity, they were easily susceptible to health issues.

Flat head  syndrome can also occur before birth if the baby’s skull is under pressure from the mother’s pelvis or a twin birth. Many babies are born with a flat head.

Types of a flat head syndrome

Baby’s head is short and wide

In this situation, the baby’s head seems to have a flat surface that covers the entire back of the head. Therefore, the baby’s head looks wider than usual. Sometimes, the baby’s forehead also seems to swell.

Asymmetrical deformation

It is caused because of the interference of Brachycephaly and Plagiocephaly. The appearance of the child will be asymmetrical and the back of the head gets flattened. The forehead will be wide.

Boat-shaped baby head

The forehead will be broad. The head will be long and narrow. It looks like the shape of a boat and the outer part of the head will be flat. This is usually a congenital condition. It is common in premature babies.

How to prevent flat head syndrome?

The flat-head syndrome is likely to occur, and the percentage of babies with this syndrome is high. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 1 in 3 babies will have a flat head syndrome. But that doesn’t mean there is no way to prevent this syndrome. Parents, please refer to the following simple ways to keep your children from having their heads distorted. You can choose the best baby pillow for flat head syndrome in babies, which helps the newborn babies to recover soon.

Practice placing your baby on the stomach

Tummy is great for newborn babies. Besides preventing the baby from suffering from a flat head, lying on the stomach also encourages them to learn and explore the world. So place them several times a day when they are awake It also helps strengthen neck muscles and learn to push your hands – the precursor to crawling and sitting up.

Hold your baby often

Besides tummy time, frequently holding babies in their arms can also be a significant way to prevent flat head. This is also an opportunity for parents to engage and play with their children.

Change head position

Parents should change the head position for the baby while sleeping regularly. Sometimes the parents tilt their heads to the left, sometimes tilt their heads to the right while they sleep. Never use a towel or pillow to hold your baby’s head in one position. There are multiple choices and designs of the best baby pillows for the flat head syndrome. This easily reverts flat head  to the round shape of the head for babies with the flat head syndrome.

Change the baby’s laying direction

When placing the baby to play in the crib, parents should change the direction for the baby to lie. Place your baby head position at the head of the crib. Next after sometime place your baby head position at the end of the crib. So that the baby’s head won’t be in the same position when the baby looks outside the room. This not only helps the baby’s head around but also encourages the baby to look in all directions. Thus the baby’s head will become more flexible.

Besides, if your baby misses ahead, doctors can prescribe a helmet specifically for the flat head syndrome. They design this helmet loosely where the head is flat and tight at the round head. This makes the baby’s head around faster and develops normally. I assure parents that this hat is very light, and it completely meets the standards for infant hats.

Likewise while changing the head position of babies use the best baby pillow for flat head  which gives comfort to feel for babies. It protects the neck muscle and gives ease for babies with a flat head . However, whether you wear a helmet specifically designed for flat head  or the best baby pillow for flat head , only after 1 year, your baby’s head will be round and develop as usual.